Bacteria Filtration Efficiency Comprehensive Tester RF4317


Bacterial filtration efficiency comprehensive tester

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Tester

Model: RF4317

Bacterial filtration efficiency tester is used to test the filtration efficiency of bacterial filter materials such as masks or protective clothing under certain environmental conditions.

The bacterial filtration efficiency tester sends the bacterial suspension to the sampler through the sprayer, and collects the bacterial aerosol on the trypsin soybean agar. Incubate the agar plate in a certain temperature environment for a certain period of time, and then count the colony forming units formed by the bacterial particle aerosol and use a conversion table to convert it to the number of possible impact particles. The converted value is used to determine the average level of bacterial particle aerosol delivered to the test sample.

RF4317 tester, including vacuum pump, peristaltic pump, sprayer, two-way six-stage Andersen collision sampler, etc.

Scope of application Medical surgical masks, disposable medical masks, etc.

Applicable standards

YY 0469 YY/T 0969 ASTM F2100 ASTM F2101
EN 14683 1Q/0212 ZRB003


  1. The flow rate of the night spray of the special microorganism aerosol generator can be set;
  2. Built-in two-way six-level Andersen collision sampler, level Ⅰ>7μm, level Ⅱ(4.7~7)μm, level Ⅲ(3.3~4.7)μm, level Ⅳ(2.1~3.3)μm, level Ⅴ( 1.1~2.1)μm, level VI (0.6~1.1)μm;
  3. Sampler flow: 28.3L/min
  4. The flow rate of the built-in peristaltic pump can be set;
  5. Built-in clean air source;
  6. Built-in high-efficiency filter, the filtration efficiency of particles above 0.3um ≥99.99%;

Order Item No. RF4317 Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Tester


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