Breathing valve air tightness tester

Respirator Exhalation Valve Air Tightness Tester

Model: RF4311AB

The breathing valve air tightness tester is an instrument used for the breathing valve air tightness test of self-priming filter type anti-particulate respirator.

Seal the exhalation valve on the exhalation valve test fixture in a gas-tight manner, and use the vacuum pump to pump the air, subject the exhalation valve to a certain pressure, and detect the leakage gas flow of the exhalation valve.

The RF4311AB tester can meet GB 2626 and JIS T8151 test standards at the same time.

Scope of application: self-priming filter type anti-particulate respirator, etc.;

Applicable standards

GB 2626 JIS T8151


  1. Pumping rate: 0–2 L/min;
  2. Micro-pressure measurement process: -2000-0Pa, accuracy 1%, resolution 0.2Pa;
  3. Flowmeter range: 0-100mL/min., accuracy 1%, resolution 0.1 mL/min.;
  4. Buffer container: 5L;
  5. The test chamber is empty: 50±5cm3;
  6. The test pressure difference of the exhalation valve is adjustable;
  7. Constant pressure difference and flow measurement;
  8. Automatic test leakage time (time from negative pressure to normal pressure);
  9. Easy and fast operation;

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