Full face mask air tightness tester RF4311C


Full mask air tightness tester

Full Face Respiratory Air Tightness Tester

Model: RF4311C

Full-face mask air tightness tester is an instrument for full-face mask air tightness test of self-priming filter anti-particulate respirator.

Put the mask on the matching test head mold, seal the inhalation valve, and moisten the exhalation valve. Pneumatic vacuum pump to make the pressure in the mask reach a certain negative pressure value, stop pumping, start timing, observe and record the change value of the mask pressure within 60s.

RF4311C tester, built-in precision exhaust pump, high-precision vacuum pressure gauge, timer, accurately control pressure and test time.

Scope of application: Self-priming filter type anti-particulate respirator (full face mask);

Applicable standards

GB 2626 EN 136


  1. Pumping rate: 0–2 L/min;
  2. Micro-pressure measurement process: -2000-0Pa, accuracy 1%, resolution 1Pa;
  3. Timer accuracy: 0.1s;
  4. Automatically record the test time;
  5. Easy and fast operation;

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