Simulation wear pretreatment

Respirator Wearing Simulator

Model: RF7185

The simulated wear pretreatment machine is used to detect the simulated wear pretreatment of the respirator before doing other tests such as breathing resistance, filter material penetration and the like.

Turn on the pretreatment device, so that the breathing device and the saturated water vapor generating device enter the working state until it reaches stability. Put the exhaler on the matching test head mold in an airtight manner and test for about 20 minutes. Remove the particulate filter material from the respirator, then reinstall it, and continue to repeat the test 10 times.

The RF7185 simulated wearable pretreatment machine is composed of a breathing simulator, a test head mold, a saturated water vapor generating device, a temperature control device, a flow meter, etc. It can control the breathing simulator to run at a breath volume of 2L per 25 times/min. The temperature of the saturated water vapor near the mouth of the head mold can be controlled to (37±2)°C.

Scope of application: self-priming filter type anti-particulate respirator, etc.;

Applicable standards

EN 149


  1. Breathing frequency of breathing simulator: 25 times/min;
  2. Tidal volume of breathing simulator: 0.5L/min–2.8L/min;
  3. Flowmeter range: 5-45L/min, accuracy 1L/min;
  4. The head mold is tilted, and condensed water vapor flows to the collector;
  5. Test head model: 1.

Order article number RF7185 respirator simulation wear pretreatment machine

RF7185/1 test head mold


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