Impact Penetration Tester

Model: RF4418A

The impact penetration tester is used to measure the water permeability resistance of the fabric under low impact conditions, and can be used to predict the rain penetration resistance of the fabric.

Spray a certain amount of water from the height of (610±10) mm from the sample to be tested onto the surface of the sample with a certain tension. The back of the sample is attached with absorbent paper of known weight. After spraying, weigh the absorbent paper again and calculate the penetration.

One end of the sample is clamped on the steel plate with a metal spring clip in the width direction. The length of the metal spring clip is (152 ± 10) mm, and then the length of the clip is (152 ± 10) mm, and the total mass is (0.45±0.05) kg of metal spring clips hold the other free end of the sample, and the test surface of the sample is sprayed. Weigh the mass of white absorbent paper with a size of (152±10) mm×(229±10) mm, accurate to 0.1g, and insert it between the sample and the test bench.

Pour (500±10) mL of reagent into the funnel of the tester to start spraying the sample. It is advisable to avoid vortexing during the pouring process.

After spraying is completed (2s after continuous spraying stops), carefully remove the absorbent paper and quickly weigh the absorbent paper to the nearest 0.1g.

Scope of application: waterproof fabrics, coated fabrics, diving suits, medical protective clothing materials, etc.;

Applicable standards

AATCC 42 GB/T 33732 GB/T 24218
YY/T 1632 YY/T 1499 ISO 18695


  1. Funnel height 610mm±10mm
  2. The inclination angle of the slippage and drain table is 45°;
  3. The inner diameter of the nozzle is 45.4mm, 25 holes, 0.99mm ± 0.005mm


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