Filter and mask blockage tester RF4318AB



Filter and mask blockage tester

Face Masks and Respiratory Clogging Tester

Model: RF4318AB

The filter and mask obstruction tester is used to test the amount of dust collected on the filter when the airflow passes through the filter under a certain dust environment and the airflow passes through the filter to reach a certain breathing resistance.

The RF4318AB tester is composed of a dust generator, a dust test bin, a vacuum pump, and a flow meter. It is controlled by a single-chip computer and displayed on a touch screen.

Scope of application Half-mask respirators, filters, etc.

Applicable standards

EN 143 EN 149    


  1. Cross section of dust test cabin: 650mmx650mm;
  2. Airflow of test cabin: 60m3/h, linear velocity 4cm/s;
  3. Dust concentration: 400±100mg/m3;
  4. Sampling rate of dust concentration: 2L/min;
  5. 2L tidal volume of breathing simulator (adjustable);
  6. Frequency of breathing simulator: 15 times/min (adjustable);
  7. The air flow of vacuum pump is 95L/min (adjustable);
  8. Dust medium: dolomite powder;
  9. Built-in humidifier and heater to control exhalation temperature and humidity;
  10. Exhalation temperature in the mask: 37±2℃, relative humidity 95%;
  11. Touch screen control, simple operation;
  12. Configure dust generator;
  13. Automatically control the dust concentration, flow rate and line speed;
  14. A variety of fixtures, suitable for respirator and mask testing;
  15. Built-in flowmeter;
  16. Automatic control of pressure and test time;
  17. Overpressure protection;
  18. Built-in 11 test standard test modes;

Order article number RF4409P Protective clothing synthetic blood penetration tester

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RF4409P/3 cutting template (75x75mm)

RF4409P/4 torque wrench

RF4409P/5 stainless steel tray


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